About Us

headshot of Lex

The Founder

Originally from Hamilton Ontario, Lex Brown pursues her lifelong dream of creating a voice in the fashion industry. Known for her vigorous dedication to breaking current fast-fashion norms, the designer embodies an alternative and sustainable perspective through the Neoteny Apparel lifestyle brand. She explains: "Personal style and individuality are worth a billion times more than fashion ideals forced upon you. I value freedom of creativity and mindfulness in all aspects of life."

Lex takes a unique approach by designing clothing based on fit and form, not gender. Using self-sufficient methods of production, she has become a strong advocate for sustainability within the fashion industry. She is constantly working on new projects to find innovative alternatives. As her surroundings evolve, her designs will adapt, while always maintaining her commitment to leading a low waste, creative, and mindful way of life.

Our Story

 Neoteny Apparel is a Toronto-based lifestyle and fashion label, founded in 2016. The label is defined by its sustainable production, and unique personal style which bridges the gap between how current clothing is marketed based on gender. Neoteny Apparel offers artisan craftsmanship, designed with a high level of precision. They have a strong commitment to designing with an ethical point of view by sourcing sustainable fabric suppliers and use up-cycled materials throughout the collections. From concept to creation sustainability is considered - slow, timeless pieces chosen with purpose.